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2022 Sponsors

We are delighted to be working with a number of high profile business across the country to help honour our winners.

The Child of Britain Awards are a fantastic way for companies to show their support and help to give recognition to amazing children and young people across the UK.

We have a number of exciting partnership opportunities available, please speak to a member of our team to become part of something special.

Headline sponsor


We are so honoured to be a part of the Child of Britain Awards to shine a light on some truly inspirational kids and raise donations for the incredible team at Cash for Kids. We’ve always prided ourselves on being a brand who gives back so it was an easy yes when the team asked us if we wanted to be involved. We’re excited for the awards in London which is sure to be a good night!

Annie Kacperek, Director of Marketing at ISAWITFIRST

Official Broadcast Partner

Greatest Hits Radio

Bluestone National Park Resort is proud to sponsor the Child of Britain Awards 2022 Environmental Champion category.

When we heard about this event, which is dedicated to celebrating the incredible achievements of our nation’s youngsters, we knew Greatest Hits Radio had to get involved. Much of our audience are family-driven and care about what’s going on in their community and across the country, and so we’re perfectly placed to shine a light on these stories as well as encouraging our own listeners to submit nominations.

Gary Stein, Group Programme Director, Hits Radio Brand Networks

Child of Courage Award Sponsor

St James's Place

We are thrilled to be supporting the Child of Britain Awards. The whole ethos of St. James’s Place is built around making a positive and lasting change to people’s lives and we feel the young people celebrated through the Child of Britain Awards reflect this beautifully.

Sponsoring the Child of Courage award means a lot to us and will enable so many amazing young people to receive the recognition they deserve. We look forward to shining a spotlight on these courageous children and through our community connections ensuring the Awards receive as many nominations as possible. We are just grateful we don’t have to try and select the winners!

Paul Ainslie, Head of Campaigns and Partnerships

Environmental Champion Award Sponsor

Bluestone National Park Resort

Bluestone National Park Resort is proud to sponsor the Child of Britain Awards 2022 Environmental Champion category.

Children are our future, and regardless of their background or any hurdles they must overcome, they should all be given the opportunity to flourish and lead an active and fulfilling life. Bluestone is a place where children of all ages can explore and get back to nature in beautiful surroundings providing the perfect setting for family adventures.

At Bluestone we have developed Free Range Future – a movement that encompasses a wide range of projects and initiatives intended to benefit our community and ensure our environmental footsteps are as light as possible. We are excited to be sponsoring this particular category and championing the fantastic achievements of the nominees all of whom are contributing to the protection and preservation of the environment.

William McNamara, CEO and Pamela McNamara, Commercial Director

Young Sporting Hero Award Sponsor

Trade Centre Group

After hearing about the Child of Britain Awards and seeing the success of the Child of Wales awards, we knew they were working to achieve something amazing. We just knew we wanted to get involved and do our bit to make a difference. It’s hard to envisage a more benefitting event, more closely aligned with our ethos and core values, than one that recognises the contribution of children within our great nation.

We are so pleased to be involved with the awards and to sponsor the Young Sporting Hero award.

Mark Bailey, Founder and Owner of the Trade Centre Group

Young Leader Award Sponsor

Blue Tiger Marketing

Following on from the Child of Wales Awards, we are delighted to support this fantastic initiative- Child of Britain Awards.  As a business we will always look to the future and we can learn so much from our younger generations as they help us to remember our core values and principles, serving as a beacon of light as to what can be achieved with optimism, ambition, dedication and patience.

Blue Tiger will always strive to invest, support and nurture, but ultimately learn from those whose opportunities and dreams should never be harnessed and are as yet to be fulfilled.

Adam Outlaw, Agency Director, Blue Tiger Marketing.

Courageous Family Award Sponsor

Age Partnership

Age Partnership are delighted to be involved in the inaugural Child of Britain Awards and sponsoring the Courageous Family Award. The awards are a perfect collaboration for us as they shine a light on some wonderful individuals who strive to get the best from their lives, despite adversity.

We are looking forward to honouring some amazing children and young people across Britain at the awards in June.

Steve Auckland, Chief Executive

Special Recognition Award Sponsor

Elonex Outdoor Media

“After seeing the stories and achievements of incredible young people at the Child of Wales Awards, we knew we wanted to get on board for the inaugural Child of Britain Awards. Children and young people are capable of such amazing feats, and it is an honour to be able to help showcase them at the awards in June.

“We are proud to be able to honour a very special individual by sponsoring the Special Recognition Award”

Nick Smith, CEO

Bravery Award Sponsor

DIY Kitchens

“We are extremely proud to sponsor the Child of Britain awards, and in particular the Bravery Category. The incredible courage shown by children and young people is awe inspiring and we are so pleased that we are able to help shine a light on some of these amazing individuals.”

Clare Ellis, Director and Founder

Young Performer Sponsor

Mark Jermin

“Through our support and teaching, we watch our students and young adults grow to be passionate innovative and confident individuals.

Our mission is for each student no matter what their performing experience is to grow in confidence, learn new skills, realise their ambition and achieve great things – all while having fun and making new friends.

That’s why we chose to be the sponsor of Child of Britain – Young Performers Award.”

Mark Jermin, Owner

Exceptional Young Carer

First Look TV

“At FirstLookTV we are all delighted to be involved with Child of Britain Awards 2022 and to be sponsoring the ‘ Exceptional Young Carers Award’. For these young people to demonstrate such empathy and dedication is astounding and we are excited to be part of an event that throws the spotlight on them and celebrates their amazing achievements.”

Gillian Carter, Co-Founder

Official Charity

Cash for Kids

Cash for kids are very proud to be the beneficiary of The Child of Britain Awards and look forward to using the funds raised at the event to help children who face adversity shine brightly in their communities.

Sally Aitchison MBE, Managing Director

Trophy Supplier

Valley Mill

As a father I know how incredible and inspirational children are.  These awards are so important to be able to celebrate their achievements and to give children the recognition they truly deserve. We are honoured to be a small part of recognising their bravery, their achievements and their hard work.

Kevin Thomas, Founder of Valley Mill

Print Supplier

Forrest Print

The nature of the awards, focusing on diversity, bravery, achievements, and fundraising struck a chord with the directors, which inspired Forrest Print to support the recognition of children all across Britain.

We are looking forward to the Child of Britain awards in June and to celebrating on the night the incredible achievements of the children of Britain.

Andrew Forrest, Director of Forrest Print

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